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Colored Diamonds

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During sales presentations, here are some key points about color enhanced diamonds to stress with your customers:

An Affordable Alternative - Natural fancy color diamonds are very scarce in supply, and therefore command very high prices. This puts them out of the reach of most people, so near-colorless diamonds are color-enhanced to provide more people with an affordable alternative.

Many Gemstones are Enhanced - Nearly all tanzanites are heated, many blue topazes are irradiated, some emeralds are oiled. You can point out that it is general trade practice to enhance stones to either improve appearance or create consistent supply of stones that are not abundant in nature.

Colored Diamonds are Safe - Colored Diamonds are absolutely safe if properly irradiated. The process itself is widely used in the US for other consumer products like foods.

Unrivalled by Other Gems - Colored Diamonds combine a beautiful variety of colors with the brilliance and durability of a diamond, thereby making it a product that combines the best of both worlds

It’s a Hi-Tech Process - Diamonds have been color enhanced since early 20th century. However, technological advances have allowed us to get the entire palette of colors. Trained gemologists and qualified labs can determine conclusively whether a diamond is a natural color or enhanced.

The Color is Permanent - The color will not fade over time and if proper care is taken the color is absolutely permanent.

Possessing Rarity - Not only are diamonds rare themselves, but it is also not possible to manufacture an entire production identical in color due to the nuances of the process and the atomic characteristics of the diamonds. Also colors like pinks and purples cannot be predetermined. Finally, only the choicest diamonds are offered to the client.

They’re not Synthetic - The raw stones used for enhancement are natural near-colorless diamonds; they’re not something created in a lab.

They’re not Enhanced to Hide Flaws - Diamonds are color-enhanced to fulfill a market preference for color, not to correct flaws. This makes color enhancement of diamonds much different from most other enhancements, such as those of emeralds, where the stones are oiled to hide fractures.

Forever Lasting Treasures - Colored diamonds have the hardness of diamonds, and therefore a much higher resistance to wear and tear than that of other gemstones – they can be kept for a lifetime, and passed on for generations.

In sales presentations one should strive to simplify all that is complicated and treat every aspect of the sale with the greatest naturalness and clarity.

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