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Rough Diamonds Procurement

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VJV enjoys an unparalleled supply of rough diamonds. We procure diamonds from mining companies in Canada, Russia, South Africa and South America.

In accordance with our highest ethical standards, VJV takes great care to verify the provenance of its rough diamonds. Our internal distribution systems are designed to track the diamonds through the manufacturing and finishing processes.

Unparalleled supply

Our assorted inventory ranges from the smallest to the largest diamonds,
in all forms and colors.

  • Sawables
  • Makeables
  • Cleavages
  • Industrials
  • Crystals
Our ability to procure rough diamonds allows us to support smaller diamond manufacturers with a consistent and predictable supply. Many of them are developing niche leadership positions in the polished markets.

Our commitment

Consumer Confidence: consumers buying diamonds and diamond jewelry from the VJV Group can rely with confidence on our professional and ethical standards as well as our technical skills. We make sure that the diamond and diamond jewelry that is purchased from us is natural and conflict free, and manufactured in the best working conditions and with the highest technical skills.

Business Practices: VJV is committed to conduct business in such a way that we neither support nor encourage conflict and human suffering, the use of child labor, practices that intentionally or recklessly endanger the health of individuals

Industry Ethics: VJV is committed to the highest industry ethics, including full compliance with international best practice and related regulatory framework, the provision of proper working conditions, the dignity of individuals and best practices to ensure the fair treatment of individuals.

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