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Diamonds Jewellery Manufacturing

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The Vjv Group, as a modern integrated conglomerate, produces a diverse range of jewellery: gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel, studded with diamond and other gems.


vjv jewellers produces a vast diversity of jewellery. These include Classic, Indian Traditional, Contemporary, Ethnic and Casual designs, under multiple brands and collections, and targeted at specific consumer and price segments.


As with diamonds, the Group sells a large part of its output of jewellery on a wholesale basis to merchant jewellers, under their own store brands, and to retail chains. These include all classes and types of jewellery.


Besides CAD/CAM processes in design and manufacture, the Group applies the most stringent international standards to test and certify the quality of its output, with the metal Hallmarked and gems certified by the relevant global authority.

From earth to high street

VJV'S successful Jewellery manufacturing and distribution business is the final link completing the chain from earth to high street.

Jewellery manufacturing

The VJV Group has a significant involvement in Jewellery manufacturing and distribution through various operations around the world.

Inter Gold is the Jewellery manufacturing arm of the VJV Group. As one of India's largest diamond Jewellery company, Inter Gold supplies quality Jewellery to a variety of segments and businesses. Its marketing and distribution network spreads throughout the globe with special expertise in the United States, Dubai, Europe, Japan, and Asia Pacific; each backed by a local service desk.

From mass market to fine Jewellery

In the US, we are involved in Jewellery from mass market through to VJV Fine, the group's high-end division established in New York in 2003
  • Product design and development
  • Raw material procurement
  • Production and quality control
  • Sales and distribution
  • Marketing and advertising
  • After sales service
  • Financial and development support

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